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How to Write a Movie Review

Movie reviews are one of the favorite assignments that teachers and professors like to assign to students. It is a writing that informs readers about the film and its ideas. And though it may sound simple, writing a movie review requires preparation and time. Here are some tips on how to write a movie review from preparation up to the actual writing itself.

Preparation Before Writing the Review  

Preparing for a movie review is a very important step that one should not skip when writing it. It is impossible to make a good movie review without ensuring that you are ready with all the details that you should be able to provide in your writing. Take note of these simple tips that you should do before writing your movie review:

1. Rewatch The Movie

It’s a no-brainer that when writing a movie review, one must have watched the film, but you simply cannot rely on your memory alone. It is recommended that you rewatch the film twice or thrice before you start your writing. Rewatching the film multiple times will help you notice major and minor details that you may have missed during your first screening.

During your first screening of the movie, watch it as it is. Relax and enjoy the movie. There’s no need to get into all of the small details. Just allow yourself to watch the film as if you weren’t writing a movie review. In your second screening, that’s the time where you focus on smaller details. It’s good to take down notes in this stage too so you wouldn’t forget it. Take note of breathtaking scenes or lines that moved you. After your second screening, you could do another screening, or you could rewind parts that are important to you. That way, you are sure that you have not missed any important details or parts of the film.

2. Do Your Research

Movies usually symbolize something bigger. They usually have a deeper meaning. When writing a movie review, it is your job to be able to analyze what that deeper meaning is. Researching the movie can help you analyze the film more. Research the movie, actors, and even the filmmakers. Find out what their motivation is in making the film. Sometimes real-life situations that the people who are involved in the film experience affect the movie itself. This could help you get a clearer picture of what the movie truly means.

Writing A Movie Review 

Now that you are fully prepared to write your movie review, it’s time to start writing it. Beginning your movie review is the hardest part, but don’t worry. Once you’ve started writing it, the rest will follow. Here are some tips on how to write your movie review:

1. Stay Organized

Your movie review must be well-structured to ensure that your readers would be able to read your writing easily. It’s not as simple as telling them the story of the movie and giving your comments and opinions about it whenever you feel like it. To ensure that your movie review is organized and easy to read, make an outline first.

Start by introducing the film and the filmmaker. Follow it up by summarizing the movie and analyzing it. Always assume that your readers have never seen the film. So make sure that you write the summary in detail. After that, you could go ahead and put in the creative elements that you think greatly affected the film, such as costumes, sound effects, and camera angles. When everything about the film is laid out, start writing down your opinions and end your paper with a strong conclusion. In this way, the movie review is more structured and easier for your readers to understand the film and your opinions.

2. Back It Up with Evidence

Keep in mind that even though a movie review will contain your own opinions about the film, it must still remain unbiased, and your comments must be objective. Remember that a movie review is not only to inform, but it is also to convince the readers if the film is worth watching. Always back up your claims and opinions with evidence so your readers could better understand. Saying things like “Jennifer Lawrence is not the perfect actor for the role” or “Hermonie has poor character development” is not enough to convince your readers. Provide examples so that you could prove your point. For example, you think the actor is a perfect fit for the role. Write down the reasons why you think so, like her appearance, facial expressions, and manner of speaking.

3. Proofread and Revise

Just like any kind of writing, you should always proofread your work once done. Sometimes small errors can ruin a good movie review. A good practice when proofreading is to put down your work for a couple of hours before proofreading it. And if you do notice that there are some sentences that are awkward or just don’t make any sense, revise it. Don’t be afraid to make major revisions in your movie review. Your first draft is not going to be your last. Keep making improvements until you feel satisfied with your movie review. You could also ask someone else to read your movie review to get a second opinion. That way, you are sure that you are producing a good quality movie review for your readers.

Remember that a movie review must be able to inform your readers about the content and quality of the film and convince them if it’s worth watching or not. The key to writing a good movie review is you understanding the film very well. You cannot properly give information about the film and convince your readers if the film is good or not if you do not understand the film deeply. So try your best to get all the details needed and understand the film very well. Keep in mind that your movie review can save someone from watching a bad movie and wasting their time in the process of doing so.

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