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The Most Objective AssignmentExpert Review: Is This Service Fit For Your Needs?

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At Essays Writing Review, we don’t like that students have to give up a good life balance because they are overwhelmed with the demands of the never-ending stream of assignments. Our mission is to help students regain that balance by providing lots of resources to make their lives easier.

We believe our most important resource is the investigation of writing companies that promise to deliver high quality products/services to struggling students. Like any large industry that has grown so much in recent years, there is a big range in quality and service among writing agencies. Our goal is to get to the facts about as many as possible, so students get the straight scoop before they start ordering stuff.

This Assignment Expert review should give you what you need to know.

Pricing System

Because AssignmentExpert is primarily a place for students to get coursework assignments done, there are no set pricing charts. As the site content writers say, every assignment is unique and must be individually priced.

The method for getting a price quote involves the following steps:

  • The student accesses the AssignmentExpert on-site order form and provides the details of his coursework assignment.
  • The student uploads any necessary materials
  • At this point, the student must register and set up an account, providing name, email address and a password.
  • Once the account is set up and the order submitted, the AssignmentExpert support team will analyze the need and send it out to a qualified expert, who will then establish a price and present it to the student for approval.

According to AssignmentExpert, the price of an assignment is based upon 4 things – the student’s academic level, the type of assignment and its complexity, the amount of time that will be needed for an expert to complete the assignment, and the student’s stated deadline. Obviously, the more complex, the higher the schooling level, and the more time to complete it, the more expensive the cost.

Types of Services

On its landing page, Assignment Expert lists several categories of coursework assistance:

  • Programming
  • Math
  • Engineering
  • Economics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Management
  • History
  • English

By clicking on any of these categories, a visitor will access a page with greater detail. There are also footer pages that provide some additional detail on some categories.

While emphasis is obviously on college level coursework (all AssignmentExpert contractors have Master’s or Ph.D. degrees), high school homework help is also offered.

In terms of the scope of assignment help, the range is clearly there. But we also wanted to evaluate the quality of the assignment assistance that is offered.

  • Can students expect to have the right expert assigned?
  • Is there communication with the expert?
  • Are students’ instructions followed?
  • Are deadlines met?
  • Are explanations provided, if requested?
  • Does the final product result in a good grade?
  • Is customer support responsive?

For answers to these questions, we went to several sources:

  • com has a link to “examples.” Students can find the category that relates to their need and view the work of some of the AssignmentExpert contractors. We are not scientists, but there were assignments that looked quite good.
  • We accessed some examples from non-STEM assignments. Some were excellent (case study on supply and demand in Australia); others were a bit simplistic and, for the university level, should have had a more sophisticated vocabulary and tone.
  • Some users of our website have placed and received orders from We solicited more specific feedback from them, asking the same questions that are posed above. We got some that was highly complimentary – everything went smoothly, instructions were followed, and the results were good. Some others did have issues – instructions not fully followed; difficulty getting requested changes made quickly, requested explanations not clear enough, etc. Unclear explanations in some cases may be because the experts are foreigners.
  • We checked AssignmentExpert customer reviews on Site Jabber. The overall rating is 4 out of 5. Critical reviews expressed the same issues that our users expressed.

AssignmentExpert uses contracted “experts” in all content fields from all over the globe. Many are probably ESL freelancers, but this is not a problem in certain STEM areas, where little writing is involved.

Payment Methods has the best and most secure payment method – students may use all sorts of bank cards to make payment, but they are all run through PayPal. Some writing companies are not aware that their customers can use PayPal as a payment platform, even if they do not have an account with the company. And it is one of the most secure platforms on the planet.


There is an AssignmentExpert Terms and Conditions policy. Visitors cannot find it, though, until they get to the order form where they must check that they have read and agree to the terms. There is a link to that policy right there, but nowhere else on the AssignmentExpert website.

We did read the document. Because AssignmentExpert has a bit of a different model than traditional writing services, there are fewer guarantees and conditions placed upon those guarantees. All students should read through this entire document, so they understand exactly what their rights are. In general, we can present the following from this document:

  • No Plagiarism: AssignmentExpert does state that any writing is checked for plagiarism. If plagiarism is found by a student, it will be corrected.
  • Refunds: Students have 14 days after delivery to submit a dispute and request a refund. There are some conditions in which refunds are automatic. For example, if an order cannot be accepted or fulfilled, a full refund will be provided.
  • Deadlines: AssignmentExpert does commit to meeting student deadlines. If these need to be modified due to the complexity of an assignment, the student will be notified and given the opportunity to proceed or not. If deadlines are not met because a student fails to provide proper information or to respond to questions or requests, then a missed deadline is not the responsibility of AssignmentExpert.
  • No Warranty on Quality: There is no warranty on the quality of a product a student may receive. If a student disputes the quality, he must file that dispute within 14 days of delivery, and it will be investigated. AssignmentExpert does not guarantee any grade or score that a student may receive on a homework assignment.

Is Site Legit? is a subsidiary of Brainrouter Ltd., a legally registered company that operates in the UK.

And the AssignmentExpert website certainly represents a legitimate company of the same name.

Our other requirements for legitimacy are that a company does exactly what it markets itself as. In the case of AssignmentExpert, students place orders, receive a solid price quote, submit and pay for orders, and then receive their products as ordered. And in the case of AssignmentExpert, payment methods are as secure as they can be.


  • STEM help seems to be good
  • Deadlines met or modified with customer approval
  • Multiple ways to contact customer support
  • Secure payment methods


  • Guarantees are minimal
  • Reviews are somewhat mixed – concerns about explanations and instructions followed
  • Refunds may be difficult to obtain

To Sum Up is a legitimate homework assistance company that contracts with freelancers all over the world to provide that help to students. While its major focus is on STEM content areas at the university level, it does also offer writing assignments in non-STEM areas and includes high school students who may be struggling. We believe that AssignmentExpert is a good resource for some students.

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