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CanadianWritings Review: Our Search for The Best Writing Providers

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We are writing this review to dig a bit deeper. We want to see if CanadianWritings services are truly worthwhile. This is where we answer the questions you have, such as:

  • Does provide students with essays and other papers that are original and of good quality?
  • Do they charge fair prices?
  • What benefits can a student expect?
  • How does payment work? What forms of payment do they accept?
  • Are there any negatives students should be aware of?
  • What is the company’s reputation among other students?
  • Ultimately, is this the writing service students should count on?

We do a lot of intensive research in order to provide you with detailed answers and objective information. This includes reading reviews from students who have used CanadianWritings in the past. We also make arrangements to receive a college level essay. This is analyzed for quality, originality, research, and completeness. We even spend time exploring their website to gain as much knowledge as we are able to. Keep reading to see the completed CanadianWritings review that has resulted from this work.

Pricing System

A services based model has predetermined prices for the writing assistance it provides to students and other customers. In most cases, these prices are charged for each page of writing. This is the system that CanadianPrices has chosen. Many students prefer this because they know exactly what their work will cost. Prices here start at 17.14 CAD for one page of writing for a high school student. In contrast, it costs 63.31 per CAD per page for writing for a doctoral student.

Obviously, grade level influences prices at CanadianWritings, but that isn’t all. Students may pay different prices depending on the type of writing as well as the deadline. For the most part, Academic writing, proofreading and editing, and copywriting are charged per page.

In some instances, pricing per page is simply not possible. Mathematics and other problem-solving services are charged by the assignment or per problem solved.

In terms of non-academic writing services, copywriting of all types is charged per page. Resumes, CVs, and other job seeker documents are priced per document. In many cases, there are special prices for these if multiple document types are ordered.

When a customer opts to purchase additional services or products, they may incur additional charges. These are assessed either as a flat rate or billed as a percentage of the overall order. One example of this would be placing an order for the top ten writers.

In some instances, customers may choose to add additional products or services when they place an order. These might result in additional charges. Depending on the specific add-on, these are charged as a percentage of the overall order or with a flat rate.

There are discounts available here. A page on the website describes these in detail. Students may save money as first time customers for placing bulk orders or being a loyal customer. There are also seasonal offers and other discounts throughout the year.

Types of Services

CanadianWritings serve three customer categories. Their main focus is students. However, they also provide ample assistance to business professionals and job seekers. In this review, we are mostly addressing the quality of work done for students. However, in the next few paragraphs, we will outline CanadianWritings other services as well.

Academic Writing Services

If CanadianWritings has a premier service, it is academic writing. These services include research papers, essays, lab reports, critiques, PowerPoint presentations, movie reviews, book reports, and other papers. To conduct this review, we received an essay written for an undergraduate college student. The paper we received was exemplary. It showcased excellent research, writing, cogent arguments, and proofreading.

Admissions Writing Services

Students who wish to improve their chances of getting into competitive university programs should consider using admissions writing services. These are writings such as college application essays, personal statements for graduate school, and scholarship essays.


Graduate students may obtain assistance with both thesis and dissertation projects. There are several options available to them, including writing, research, editing, and proofreading. These services are broken down by the various chapters or ‘components’ of each of these assignments. Students may order assistance with a single portion of their thesis or dissertation or for the entire thing.

Problem Solving

Students in STEM fields or other academically intensive courses are often faced with solving very complex equations, building statistical models, and doing other work that requires extreme accuracy and attention to detail. With problem solving services, students receive assistance with this and can better assure they present accurate findings. This is exceedingly important with advanced research work.

Multiple Choice Questions

Any student who needs assistance with multiple choice assignments can place an order with this provider.

Resumes and CV For Job Seekers

Professionals may order help with resume writing, design, and editing. These services are also available for CV, cover letters, LinkedIn bios, and other relevant documents.

These services are intended to assist job seekers with writing, designing, or editing resumes or CV. They also offer assistance with cover letters and LinkedIn profiles.

Copywriting Assistance

Copywriting is the entirety of business related writing. These products include website content, articles, blog posts, product descriptions, proposals, and reviews.

Proofreading Rewriting and Editing  Help

Customers may order professional assistance with rewriting, proofreading, and editing. These services may also be used as an upgrade to writing ordered from the site.

Payment Options

CanadianWritings policy is that all customers must make payment when they place their orders. This is the process that completes the order and causes it to be assigned to a writer. If payment is not made, the order is not completed.

The good news is that the procedure of making payment at is largely automated. Customers are simply sent to a page where they select their payment method of choice and make payment. This process is done using the services of a third party payment processor. They use encryption technology, such as SSL, to handle all data securely. Payment can be made with a credit or debit card, wire transfer, or PayPal. We encountered no problems using this service. We also did not find credible reviews that cited billing or payment issues.


The website contains multiple promises to its customers. These include statements that the writing is of high quality, that it will be delivered on time, that the site is safe and secure, and that all work is completely original. Do they keep these promises? We took these steps to find out:

  • Carefully read policy pages and website content.
  • Sought out and read multiple reviews from previous CanadianWritings customers.
  • Drew from our own experiences with CanadianWritings.

Our objective was to learn if the company’s marketing matches its actual policy. Further, we wanted to understand if they actually come through when it is time to execute their promises and guarantees. Is this a customer service focused company? Here’s what we found out.

We analyzed our own experiences first. In our case, everything went off perfectly. We received the paper on time. The writer clearly read our instructions carefully and wrote exactly what we had requested. We did not find any problems. That means we really did not have the opportunity to submit any complaints.

When we read online reviews, we also found that customers were mostly happy. There were a few issues. Overall, it appears as if these were handled well, and customers were satisfied with the resolution. All in all, it does seem as if this company does support its guarantees with customer positive solutions.

In order to best understand the company’s guarantees, we read their policy documents. These are posted on their website and address terms of use, cookies, privacy, and money-back guarantees.

We took the time to read each policy page carefully. We recommend that all students do the same as well. We can say that we did not find anything unusual about these policies. However, that is generally a positive thing. These documents give students the information they need about guarantees and their rights and responsibilities. After researching, we have determined that students are promised on time delivery, original writing, and adherence to their instructions. If these requirements are not met, they are entitled to either a refund or a free revision. Further refunds may be available if an order is canceled or not completed.

Is Site Legit?

CanadianWritings does meet all of our requirements for being considered both a legitimate company and website. In the time they have been on the scene, they have built an excellent reputation among both students and academic writing experts. They conduct themselves according to standard business ethics and according to the law. It is our unwavering belief that students may reliably use CanadianWritings for any academic assignment with absolute confidence. We did not encounter any issues or complaints that caused us significant concern. Overall, students can expect a satisfactory experience with a very low risk of issues.


We were able to find very good features as we researched CanadianWritings. Here are some of the most noteworthy attributes below:

  • There is a wide variety of available services and products at CanadianWritings.
  • The company has earned an exemplary reputation.
  • Students will receive their papers on time.
  • Writers do an excellent job with communication and following instructions.
  • Customer service availability is 24/7.


In our research, we were unable to find significant problems with CanadianWritings. Overall, we had a very stellar experience. Students who have used this company also appear to be mostly satisfied with their experiences. When there are complaints, the issue is handled quickly, professionally, and usually to the benefit of the customer. There were a few highly unhappy customers, but these complaints appear to come from people who were likely to be unsatisfied with any resolution. Many appeared not to understand what writing services do.

To Sum Up

It is our sincere belief that CanadianWritings is a company that customers can trust to complete their assignments on time and in a satisfactory manner. This is why we are happy to provide CanadianWritings with our seal of approval. We do this without any reservations. We offer this endorsement based upon our experiences with the company, insights that we gained from student reviews, even interactions with the website. Of course, the fact that we received an academic paper that was virtually flawless. We have determined that students can expect to be satisfied with their experience as well. Of course, if you would like more information, you can visit the site itself. You may also read our other reviews for further research.

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