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The Edusson Review You Cannot Miss if You Want a Good Grade Overview

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None of these activities includes the continued swath of writing assignments – those pesky essays, papers, etc. that every instructor finds a need to assign throughout the semester. These consume a huge amount of time, and other things have to “give.”

What if you could get some relief from at least a part of those essays and papers? Many students who are users of our website are looking for this kind of relief, but they also want to find the right resources for that relief.

What we give to students are factual summary reviews of online writing companies – the great, the good, the average, and the not-so-good. Our goal is to help students make informed decisions when they choose a writing service.

This Edusson review is one more writing service that has been subjected to our close scrutiny. Read on to learn all that we have found.

Payment System

The business model that Edusson has does not lend itself to publishing prices. As an increasing number of writing services, Edusson offers up freelance writers, divided somewhat into categories, and students are expected to choose from among those writers.

Pricing depends upon what a student and his chosen writer agree it will be.

Here’s how all of this works. The student fills out an order form giving the details of what he wants. The Edusson “system” then presents him with a series of possible writers who have expertise in that type of writing and the topic of that writing. The student reviews the writer profiles and may even contact them to discuss their backgrounds and prices.

Every student has a personal account page on the Edusson website. Once a price is agreed upon, the student places that amount of money into his personal account. According to Edusson, he then releases that money for payment when he is satisfied with the results.

We have seen this model in ever-increasing numbers lately. It can be effective if the student is careful about writer selection.

Types of Services

Here is where Edusson lines up with other good writing services we review. It is comprehensive in its offerings. In fact, if visitors click on the link titled “writing help,” there is a long list of services. Each of these can be clicked on for more detail, although that detail is repetitive, except for a list of a few of the top writers in each category:

  • Essay Writing – all academic levels, any topic, any type
  • Research Papers – same as above
  • Thesis and Dissertation – Edusson promises Ph.D. researchers in all content areas with the expertise to offer any type of help with sections or chapters of these capstone projects
  • Assignment/Coursework Help – especially in STEM subjects
  • Book/movie reports and reviews
  • Admissions, Scholarship and Personal Statement Essays
  • Case studies and lab reports
  • Research Proposals/Projects

It’s easy to see that students can get anything they might need at Edusson. Now, the question is, what will the quality be? This is always our main concern, and we spend a good amount of time investigating this.

  • Edusson website content is well-organized, although repetitive, and the grammar and composition reflect proper English.
  • We read several blog posts. Topics were interesting but filled with marketing for Edusson. There we also found grammatical errors that are typical of ESL writers
  • We always review samples, but in the case of Edusson, none were available. We would recommend the company add samples to its site
  • There has been some conversation among our users about Edusson. We put together a survey and asked for users of Edusson to complete it. The responses were mixed. There were satisfied students who stated they got what they wanted on time and that it was of good quality. Others stated Edusson did not live up to its promises, quality was poor, and there were delays in delivery.
  • We went to Site Jabber to see what other Edusson users had to say. There are 81 reviews. 36 gave a 5-star rating; 32 gave a 1-star rating. The complaints were much the same as we got from our site users.

Payment Methods

There is not much to say here. accepts MasterCard or Visa. It does not provide payment through PayPal which we now encourage all writing services to use.

Edusson does state that it uses a secure payment platform – a third SSL-certified party – and no customer has ever complained that his financial information has been compromised.


Edusson publishes two policies – Privacy and Terms and Conditions. Its guarantees and conditions for those guarantees are housed in these policies:

  • com privacy policy guarantees that customer personal information is securely stored and not shared with anyone else. It provides each customer with a password-protected account. If a customer should compromise his own information, or pass it onto any third party he accesses from the Edusson website, Edusson is not liable
  • The Edusson Terms and Conditions contains a lot of information that every customer must-read.
  • First, it confirms that the company is an arm of RATATATA Ltd., a company located in Bulgaria
  • Second, it spells out exactly how the guarantee of free revisions works. Edusson customers have a time limit to request them.
  • Third, it spells out the Edusson Money-Back guarantee. There are many conditions here, and students have to be aware of them. One important point here – if a partial refund is provided, it is in the form of bonus money toward a future order, not a cash payment.
  • Quality and Plagiarism: states that it has a Quality Assurance department that reviews all finished pieces before they are sent out to a customer. They are checked for plagiarism, for adherence to customer instructions, and for research, grammar, and composition integrity.

Other than some of the provisions for revisions and money-back, Edusson guarantees are similar to those of other reputable writing companies. Some customers have complained that these guarantees are not always honored.

Is Site Legit? is certainly not a fraudulent company. It has been in business for quite a while, and its website is honest about its processes and policies. Students understand that selecting one of the registered freelance writers is up to them and that the company really acts more like a clearinghouse and keeper of funds.


  • Honest website content
  • Published policies
  • Features what it considers its top writers in various categories


  • Quality of research and writing is mixed
  • At least some writers are ESL
  • Only two methods of payment

To Sum Up

We do have mixed feelings about some customers are obviously please, but others are not. Quality seems to be based solely on the writer a student selects – this puts a lot of responsibility on that student. We hope this information has been valuable as you look for a writing agency.

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