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Eduvinci Review That Students Can Trust

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Among other companies providing writing solutions for different academic levels, we liked Eduvinci a lot for their affordable prices. We were also delighted to discover that their portfolio goes also in the area of editing and proofreading. Their writers can also come with helpful solutions when it comes to problem-solving. Thus, we present you with a complete solution for any student or professional who is in urgent need of a skilled writer.

Another aspect that we consider is worth mentioning is the fact that the company is registered in the USA. Its owner is A Speedy Company LLC and they are proud to showcase their consolidated experience on the market for 5 years.

Our source of information was their site, As we were a bit skeptical about such companies that offer mixed services, we started to dig further and read different blogs and feedback coming from real clients. We also did some trial orders and discovered that the company has an efficient customer support department and clear policies. We wrote this Eduvinci review to help future clients be clear in their orders and know what to expect from them.

Pricing System

While checking Eduvinci’s pricing system, we noticed that they pay close attention to their customers’ needs and budget constraints. As their services target students mainly, the company adapted its prices accordingly. Eduvinci management knows that students do not usually have a stable source of income. Many of them still receive money from their parents, while others try to work part-time.

Therefore, Eduvinci strategy concentrates around these particularities. You will find on quite attractive prices for students. Also, we liked the fact that the pricing matrix is very clear and easy to follow. Based on the academic level and the deadline, you will find different pricing ranges. Thus, you know exactly what to expect when the final invoice comes.

Just to name a clear example, we checked the website and concluded that a student has to pay $125 for an essay of 5 pages which will be written from scratch in 2 days. In case you need only editing or proofreading, you will need to pay only $75 for the same type of essay. The problem-solving category has friendly prices also. It starts at $11 for one problem. The price can rise proportionally with the academic level. Also, the clients who place their first order on will benefit from a special discount of 10%.

Types of Services

The most popular writing services available on are for research papers, coursework, and dissertation. If we think about their target audience, it seems quite normal to showcase these three categories as these are the types of writing that the majority of students need. We also discovered that you can place orders for problem-solving. Another interesting service is related to grading and marking. Not many writing companies have dedicated experts available to analyze students’ work and offer their recommendations on a piece to help their clients improve their writing performance.

Eduvinci got to a totally different level with its capacity to deliver personalized software assignments. Thus, those students who need to deliver a project in IT can work with Eduvinci experts and receive a flawless work that will secure their next high grade. The price starts from $250 and it can grow depending on the difficulty level.

When it comes to the academic level offered, Eduvinci’s experts can write pieces for students in high school, from university, master, or Ph.D. You can select the level very easily when you place the order. All you need to do is choose the academic level, type of essay, deadline, number of pages, and you can hit the “Continue” button. A new form will open where you will need to include different details (topic, format, number of sources, etc).

Depending on your standards and budget, you can opt for different categories of writers. You can go with their best available writer if you want to pay only the standard price calculated when you placed the order. If you want your piece to be written almost perfectly, you can choose a pro writer whose fees will be 25% higher. Lastly, a top writer can be a good option if you need flawless work, with zero errors and professional content. In case you choose this option, you should prepare an increased budget by 45% to be able to pay the final invoice.

Another interesting service that we liked is the progressive delivery. It can be usually used by those clients who order big projects. For example, if you need help with the dissertation and you prefer to receive the chapters separately, then this feature is what you need.

Payment Options

On you will not find too much information about payment methods. We read their website carefully and discovered that they accept different cards. For instance, you can pay with a VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, or JCB card. The payment is secure and the process is no different than any other online payments that you do when you order different products.


We checked the terms and conditions available on and discovered two important policies that protect clients: money-back guarantee and revision guidelines.

Money-Back Guarantee

Eduvinci makes no compromises when it comes to satisfying their clients. Thus, their refund rules are straightforward, offering customers the possibility to receive their money back in case they are not satisfied with the result. You can get all or part of what you paid, depending on two scenarios. You can either ask for a refund before you approve the paper or after.

You can receive all money back if you did a payment by mistake, Eduvinci did not find a writer suitable for your needs, or the deadline has already passed and you did not receive any written paper from the writer.

You are eligible for a 90% refund if you already paid and half of the deadline has already passed, but no writer was still assigned to your order. The refund percentage drops to 70% in case you cancel your order in the middle of the deadline period and the writer already wrote a part of your paper. You will receive half of your money back if Eduvinci assigns a writer to your order only after more than half of your deadline expired or you still did not receive a writer to revise your order.

Another essential aspect to consider is that you can approve a piece in 7 days after it was delivered. Before you press the approval button, you can still review the content and ask for revisions, if the case. After you send your approval, you will no longer have this option and not be eligible to ask any amount back. So, we advise you to read the paper carefully before you send your approval.

Revision Guidelines

Eduvinci can revise your paper 3 times with no extra costs as long as the instructions remain the same as the initial ones. It can be done only if you ask for it before you press the “Approve” button. Otherwise, you will need to place a new order and ask exactly what you want to be changed in your paper.

Is The Site Legit

We give credits to for several reasons. We checked their owner and we can say that the business is legal. They have clear policies for refunds, revisions, and privacy. Also, the payment methods are secure. We also checked online and we did not find any complaints or negative reviews mentioning that the site might be a scam.


We identified some pros that are worth mentioning:


  • Professional customer support, always available for clarifications
  • Positive reputation on the market built for 5 years
  • Diverse services that meet different academic levels
  • Ability to deliver pieces in less than 6 hours


As no writing company is perfect, we also identified some cons:

  • It is not very easy to find a native writer
  • Extra fees for a plagiarism report
  • Ambition to sell more which might affect the work’s quality


All in all, Eduvinci is a credible writing company that can meet different academic standards. Students can trust this provider for their extensive experience in the market and portfolio diversity. Also, their policy and secure payments represent an extra factor to convince clients to rely on them. After checking different sources of information, we concluded that the clients’ level of satisfaction is high. This result is definitely attributed to the hard work developed by the customer support department.

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