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Our GradeOnFire Review: A Detailed Overview for Students

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We believe students want to know, as well. We’ve done the research and now, are presenting this GradeOnFire review to students like you.

Of course, to provide you with a review that answers your questions, we had to do a lot of research. Here are some of the questions we sought to answer:

  • Do the folks at GradeOnFire fulfill orders that students place? Are they delivered in a timely manner?
  • How is writing quality?
  • Are their prices within industry standards? What about discounts?
  • Is it safe for students to share their information when placing an order or making a payment?
  • Do they have clear policies that treat people fairly?
  • How do past customers feel?

As always, we are ready with the answers because we commit to doing great research. We make arrangements to obtain and review a college level paper. We also spent time reviewing the website. This includes learning about their products and services, comparing prices, and reading their policy pages. To round things out, we read online customer reviews from past GradeOnFire customers.

Pricing System

If you do business with GradeOnFire, you will be happy to note that you will know exactly what you will pay when you place your order. You can even get a simple price quote ahead of time. Thanks to their service model pricing, you know exactly what you will pay for each page of writing. That’s 275 words double-spaced, by the way.

Please understand that you will not pay the same amount for each order. The amount for each page can vary. GradeOnFire charges different prices according to the type of writing, grade level, and urgency, as defined by the due date. Of course, that makes sense, as you would expect to pay more for an urgent paper for a graduate student than a paper that is due in a week for a high school student.

This price per page is the standard for most writing types. However, GradeOnFire does have some exceptions. CVs, resumes, and other employment documents are priced according to each document. Multiple choice questions and problem solving are priced according to the assignment or per problem.

Are there any other charges? Students may incur other fees if they happen to select an add-on that is billable. For example, they may select a top ten writer. Others may ask to receive premium customer service. Another might request a summary or originality report. These charges may be assessed as a percentage of the entire order or a flat fee.

GradeOnFire expects customers to pay for their orders when they place them. Further, any additional expenses must be paid for prior to services beginning.

When we compared GradeOnFire prices to those at similar companies, they fared pretty well. Their pricing was reasonably competitive. Further, the companies that were much lower priced often sacrificed quality. There were also more likely to have significant complaints about both ethics and quality.

Of course, students will want to learn about discounts. That information is easy enough to find on the website. They typically use standard discounts such as first time customer and loyalty savings. However, they also offer specialized savings throughout the year.

Types of Services

Students who need access to a full array of services can count on GradeOnFire. This includes writing, rewriting, proofreading, and editing. Students can find significantly more information about these on the site. These pages include a description of each document type. Here is a bit of a summary in the  meantime:


These services are available to students, job seekers, and business pros. To place an order for this sort of assistance, customers will provide a description of the work to be done with their order. Then, they can simply upload any document they need fixed or modified. These services can be purchased on their own. Editing and proofreading may also be included with other orders.

Job-Seeker Services

Job seekers may order assistance with a variety of employment related documents. These include CVs, resumes, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, and more. Editing and design services are also available.


If you are a business professional, digital agency, or another firm, consider GradeOnFire copywriting services. There are writers on staff who can offer blog posts, product descriptions, articles, web content, and more. This could be a great option for anyone who is unable to directly hire staff to do this work for them but also unsure about contracting with a traditional marketing firm or agency. This work was not the focus of this review. However, we did note some positive reviews in our research.

Academic Writing

Our review deals almost entirely with academic writing services offered by GradeOnFire. This subcategory includes a variety of academic writing types for grade levels from high school through graduate school. Available documents are research papers, essays, lab reports, summaries, presentations, book reports, critiques, and many others.

Academic writing services were our primary focus as we researched GradeOnFire, and wrote this review. This subsection of their service offerings involves academic writing for students from high school through doctoral programs. The document types included here vary widely. Some examples are:

We placed an order for an essay from GradeOnFire for a student at the undergraduate level. It arrived on time. Our assigned writer did an excellent job with both research and writing. They also followed our instructions and produced a document that did not have any meaningful errors.

Admissions Writing

Students who are attempting to earn a spot at a competitive college or university may place their order for admissions writing.

Problem Solving and Coursework

GradeOnFire hires academic specialists in addition to writers. They can assist students with problem solving, multiple choice assignments, and other work.

Payment Options

GradeOnFire accepts payments online. These may be made at the time the order is placed. If any costs are incurred after that, payment is expected immediately. The company accepts debit and credit card payments. All major carriers are accepted. They contract with a third party to process and store payment data. This requires the use of SSL encryption to appropriately obscure customer data. We did not find any issues with making a payment. Students should feel as comfortable posting a payment here as they do making a purchase at any other online store.


In all of our interactions with students, we have come to understand that they are primarily considered with receiving the work they paid for, that it is of good quality, and that their information is treated with respect. This is the focus of the majority of student reviews, and we work hard to determine if a site like is trustworthy. To do that, we interact with the company, read policy pages, and gain insights from those student reviews. Using that information, we try to answer the following questions:

  • Will students receive a paper on time?
  • Is there any risk of the order not being delivered?
  • Can they make a payment without compromising their information?
  • How does the company handle complaints and other issues?
  • Is originality a company standard, and do they verify each paper?
  • Are refunds available in any case?
  • How is a student’s personal and financial data collected, used, and secured?
  • Do they meet basic data privacy requirements?

Fortunately, as we read GradeOnFire reviews, it became clear that only a rare few students had any issues relating to quality or services. Even better, those reviews overwhelmingly indicated that the student felt as if they were fairly treated. This tells us that the company investigates issues, solves them, and leaves students feeling as if they have been treated fairly.

We were also able to use our own experiences to judge these guarantees and overall handling of issues. From this, we can state that the company fulfilled all of their obligations. We were not given any reasons to complain about or enforce any obligations.

The final step we took was to read and review the policy pages on the company website. These address privacy, originality, and refunds. These policies were clear and easy to understand. They are also a good indication that the company complies with industry standards. Still, every customer should read these policies for themselves.

Is GradeOnFire Legit?

Yes, is a legitimate website and a reputable business. They have a great reputation in this industry, and they are well liked by customers as well. They are known for bringing excellent products consistently and delivering them on time.


Of course, we cannot provide 100% assurance that every customer will have excellent interaction with this company. However, we can say that they have earned a great reputation and established a great track record. This is why we do not hesitate to give our recommendation to any and all students.


If you prefer to skim reviews, you might be looking for a few simple lists of positive and negative characteristics. Well, you can find that list here. We’ll start with the positives. We were quite lucky to find plenty of these.

  • Writing that consistently meets or exceeds expectations.
  • Products that are delivered on time as promised.
  • Multiple services and products available.
  • Excellent ratings on customer support and quality.
  • The ability to make a payment securely.


We are happy to state that we did not find any significant issues when we researched GradeOnFire. Any issues we found were barely notable. They are more ways in which the company could improve even further. To that end, we do wish they would add some additional payment choices. More samples of writers’ work would be nice as well.

To Sum Up

We are happy to say that our experiences reviewing GradeOnFire were quite good. This is our primary reason for giving our recommendation. We can state with confidence that any student placing an order can reasonably expect that they will receive excellent work and attentive customer service. We have come to this summation thanks to a combination of our own experiences, reading website content, and going over customer reviews. Again, our overall impression is that this is an excellent provider of academic writing services. We encourage students to consider GradeOnFire as they go through their list of potential services.

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