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Our Kibin review aims to show our readers why this company is different and whether customers should trust them. We checked the information available on to understand if the vendor is legit and how the client’s information is handled. We found a legit site that includes relevant details on how the company works. However, we had difficulties in identifying the subscription packages and how to pay for them. We consider that this is the essential information and it should be available on the site without being necessary to open an account on


As we already mentioned, access to services on can be done only by selecting one of the available subscription plans. The first option that clients have when they choose to work with Kibin is to choose the monthly subscription. Its value is of $14.95/month. This subscription grants access to clients for one month. Kibin will charge this amount monthly from the customers’ accounts until they decide to cancel the subscription. It includes unlimited access to essay examples. Also, customers will have free access to essay editing for up to 1,000 words each month. The expert editors are available 24/7 to take over the order and edit the content as soon as possible.

For the clients who want to get access to the platform for the entire year, then they should choose the yearly subscription plan. Its total value is of $59.95 which is going to be charged at once from the client’s account. In this case, the monthly subscription becomes $4.99. If we compare this value with the monthly subscription, it is obvious that the customer makes a tremendous saving. The client will save $119.45 with this subscription plan than in the case of the monthly option. The annual subscription allows customers to have free edits for up to 3800 words in one year.

In addition, customers will get free access if they manage to upload 10 original essays on the platform. This feature can be seen as a great discount. Therefore, in case you manage to upload 10 essays at once, you will receive free access to the platform for one week. Once the access expires, then you can upload 10 more unique essays and you will receive access for one more week without any extra charges.

Type of Services

When it comes to the services portfolio, the information is very well structured on We found that they cover four major categories. First, customers are allowed to browse through a diverse list of essays. Therefore, whenever the client is stuck and doesn’t know how to write an essay, he/she can search in Kibin’s database and find the essay he/she needs. It can be a great source of inspiration for any student who doesn’t where to start when it comes to essay writing. The list of categories is very vast. Practically, customers can find essays on almost any possible topic. For example, they can find essays for business, political science, mathematics, geography, philosophy, and many more. Also, they can browse the essays by type. They can choose between any type of essay. For instance, you can check how admission essays, lab reports, personal statements, and many more are structured.

The second category is dedicated to essay editing. The client can browse the editors and choose who is the expert he/she wants to work with. Also, he/she can check the purchase history and credit balance. The third category consists of the paper grader. This service helps students work with Kibin collaborating experts who will review their paper and offer them details on the grade they will get for what they wrote. Therefore, instead of submitting the paper directly to the professor and waiting for the grade, the client has the advantage of working with Kibin experts to evaluate the paper and offer them an objective opinion over how well he/she has written the content.

The thesis generator is the fourth type of service. The clients have the opportunity to generate an argumentative essay on the topic they need. They will receive access to a tool that allows them to enter the subject they are writing on and will help them build their arguments to understand how the content should be created. Another service included in this category is the one dedicated to the comparison and contrast between essays. They are allowed to enter two topics that they want to compare and the tool will guide them through the steps they need to take to finalize the comparison.

Payment Instruments

As we already mentioned, we couldn’t find the allowed payment methods quite easily on The first step that we had to follow was to sign up on the platform. Once they enter their accounts, the clients will find the two types of subscriptions that they can choose. Once they will choose the plan they need, the next step would be to finalize the payment. Kibin allows customers to pay using their cards. has an encrypted payment system installed on it that allows customers to finalize their payments with their VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. As the company targets students in general, Kibin also allows them to pay via PayPal. All these payment instruments are extremely safe and help the customer trust the vendor.

Terms and Conditions

We consider that a company is reliable if it develops comprehensive policies that allow clients to understand how the services work. On, we found refunds and cancellation policies which we consider are extremely important to convince the clients to trust Kibin’s services.

Refund Policy

According to the refund policy available on, once the client views the content and downloads it from the platform according to Kibin’s subscription that he/she chose, then the initial subscription fees become non-refundable as well as all recurring subscriptions and charges.

Also, a client who wants to cancel the subscription after the renewal date won’t be able to receive any refunds. In case the customer has any unused subscription time, it is not subject to refunds even though he/she doesn’t use Kibin’s benefits anymore. Besides, Kibin reserves the right to refuse any refund for plagiarized work submitted on the platform for editing.

Cancellation Policy

Customers are allowed to cancel their subscription, whether it is an annual or monthly one, by the end of the subscription period. It’s the customer’s decision to not use Kibin’s service anymore. If the cancellation is done according to the terms mentioned before, all future payments will be suspended. However, a cancellation of a subscription initiated for the Essay Examples Library won’t trigger any refunds.

Another important feature that customers should take into consideration before they think of cancellation is related to the subscription pause. The clients are allowed to pause it for 1 to 4 months. However, during the pausing period, the clients won’t be able to access the content from the Essay Examples Library or their Kibin Editing Credit. In case during the pause period, you decide that the subscription is no longer needed, then you can cancel it prior to the resume date.

Should Clients Trust The Site?

We consider that is a legit site. We found a professional structure and look which lead us to the conclusion that Kibin worked with skilled web developers. Also, we could navigate easily and found all information very easily. Besides, the payments can be done using secure methods. This means that the site has an encrypted SSL system that allows customers to pay with their cards or PayPal.


We consider that Kibin is a trustworthy vendor for the following reasons:

  • The company works with skilled editors
  • Safe payment methods
  • Legit site
  • Permanently available customer support team
  • Refund policy
  • Discounted annual subscription


Kibin should improve the following aspects:

  • More discounts should be awarded to loyal clients
  • More subscription plans should be developed for clients


We consider that Kibin is a professional company offering different services to its customers. First, it collaborates with skilled editors who use their experience to help students improve their academic performance. Also, the vendor developed two types of subscription plans to help students pay for the services they need. Besides, the portfolio is services are very detailed, offering clients different options to choose from. On the other hand, we consider that Kibin should work more on offering some discounts to loyal clients to convince them to trust the vendor.

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