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MyEssayLab Review based on Honest Opinions from Customers

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Students have different motivations when they decide to pay for expert writing services. Some of them consider that they shouldn’t waste their time preparing for the classes they are not interested in. Others accept a part-time job and don’t have enough time for writing. Some students have other hobbies and want to focus on them. It doesn’t matter, which is the reason behind this decision as all students have a clear target. Even though they don’t write an essay, they want to get a very good grade in the class.

As the market request for such services is constantly growing, many companies decided to adapt their offers accordingly. Therefore, MyEssayLab offers professional writing services for students and small business owners. This company works with skilled writers who deliver plagiarism and error-free content.

When we started the review, we checked different sources of information. We discovered that its founder is R.P. Writing SmartTechnologies LTD. It is a Cypriot company that doesn’t have a presentation website. However, it seems to do a good job with

Apart from exploring the company’s website, we also read the customers’ testimonials. According to what past clients mention on the official site, their satisfaction level is very high. We also read some blog posts and got in contact with past clients. Their feedback was also positive. We even submitted an order for an essay. We received high-quality services and had a very pleasant customer experience. Therefore, we highly recommend MyEssayLab for legit services and professional content creators.

Pricing System

The prices of are influenced by certain criteria. The number of pages, academic level, and due date determines which is going to be the final price. As we mentioned, we also placed an order on the website. We chose to ask for a price for academic writing service. We ordered an essay of one page and chose the due date to be in 2 weeks. We received an offer of $12.99. Knowing which are the market’s prices, we can say that this quotation is very affordable.

We also checked the page dedicated to discounts. We were happy to find different offers that make clients want to come back for more. First-time clients will benefit from a 15% discount. Also, in case a customer wants to place large orders, MyEssayLab recommends him/her to discuss with the customer support department for volume discounts. While the company doesn’t give a clear discount percentage for these cases, customers are encouraged to keep submitting orders if they want to receive life-time discounts.

For example, if a client orders more than 15 pages in total, he/she will receive 5% off the calculated price. The percentage reaches the level of 10% for orders that are 50+ pages in total. Finally, total orders of 100+ pages will benefit from a 15% price reduction.

The discount chain doesn’t end here. We found information on the website that MyEssayLab also offers seasonal discounts. Customers are welcome to check the offers during holidays or by the end of the semester. Also, loyal clients are recognized and awarded. When they reach the third order, the client enters MyEssayLab loyalty program. The customer support staff will get in touch with the students that qualify for this program and give them more details on the price reductions they can receive.

Types of Services

We found a comprehensive list of services on It is clear that students are their target audience. Therefore, the company offers different types of academic papers, research papers, coursework help, book reviews, and many more. Writers can meet at any academic level. For example, they can deliver papers for high school, freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, master’s, and doctoral. The provider works with ENL writers only who use different research tools.

We checked the FAQ section and found out that the writers’ expertise is very vast. The majority of them have a graduate degree. MyEssayLab also works with Ph.D. graduates or with experts in different domains. It is important that the authors graduated from an institution from the United States, Australia, Canada, or the United Kingdom. This means that it is impossible to hire a writer who doesn’t have advanced English skills.

MyEssayLab also helps small business owners with copywriting services. Young professionals can also place an order on the company’s website for resume writing or admission paper. Editing and proofreading are other services that clients can find on the company’s website.

Payment Options

We consider that a writing company is reliable when it works with secure payment methods. MyEssayLab works with a third-party payment processor. Therefore, it won’t keep the customer payment information and will keep his/her accounts 100% safe. Payments can be made using PayPal or WireTransfer. These payment methods are among the most popular among students. They are safe and very easy to use. If these options don’t work, clients can pay for their orders using their cards. All card types are accepted. For instance, clients can finalize the payment using AMEX, VISA, MasterCard, or Discover cards. From our point of view, this variety of payment options is a clear sign that this company is reliable.


MyEssayLab is fully dedicated to keeping its customers satisfied. On the other hand, the writers should also feel that they are not exploited, and they are working for nothing. Therefore, customers should read the policies available on before they submit an order.

Money-back guarantee

MyEssayLab staff is dedicated to keeping customers satisfied and offer them professional experience. Therefore, they developed the money-bank guarantee policy to help customers identify the situations when they should receive a refund. According to this policy, the customer satisfaction department will handle any refund request.

The amount which will be returned will be calculated based on different criteria:

  • The amount of work which was already completed
  • The inconvenience created to the customer
  • The total order amount

Each case will be individually analyzed. The customer will receive a percentage of the total amount or a full refund. A refund will also be offered if the writer delays in submitting the order. If the support team concludes that it was the writer’s fault solely, then the customer is eligible to receive a refund or credit. However, if the customer failed to respond to the writer’s request for additional information, then the situation changes, and he/she might not receive anything back.

In the case of double billing, MyEssayLab doesn’t offer an immediate full refund to customers. The amount given to the client will be calculated based on the amount of work that the writer already did. For this writing company, both the writers and the clients are important. All these actions have the objective of keeping writers motivated. Even though the cases when they do something wrong are rare, if something wrong happens, they will be protected by these policies.

On the other hand, the vendor knows that clients should feel safe also. So, its recommendation for the clients who want to cancel an order is to contact the customer support department first. Therefore, he/she will inform the staff about the situation, and they will find a solution to solve the case amicably.

Revision policy

The revision policy is very clear. Clients can ask for unlimited revisions in the first 14 days since the order was delivered. If the request comes after this period, then the customer will have to pay additional fees for proofreading and editing services. Submitting a revision request is extremely easy. The client has to fill in the “feedback” form and send the requirement to the revision department. It is important to mention that the revision services are free only if the new requirements match with the initial request. In case they are different, new fees will be calculated.

Is Site Legit?

We consider that is legit. The first reason that made us reach this conclusion is its professional look and structure. According to our experience, only reliable companies invest budgets in developing a user-friendly website. Another clear sign of reliability is given by the detailed policies that protect both the writer and the client. The safe payment methods consolidate our conclusion that customers should trust this site.


We think that MyEssayLab excels in the following areas:

  • Budget-friendly prices
  • Comprehensive refund, revisions, and privacy policies
  • Generous discounts
  • Experienced writers


From our point of view, MyEssayLab should work more to improve the following areas:

  • There is no clear evidence of the company’s owner writing experience

To Sum Up

Our conclusion is that MyEssayLab is a professional company offering legit writing services. We validate our conclusion with the detailed list of services and professional ENL writers. Also, we consider that customers should trust it because of the payment methods. All payment solutions chosen by the vendor are 100% safe. Finally, the policies set clear rules and help customers understand up to which point they can ask for money back or free revisions. The customer support department is also extremely helpful and well-prepared. Therefore, customers have all reasons to trust MyEssayLab and become their loyal clients.

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