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At Essays Writing Review, we have a single mission – to help students be more successful in school, whether that is high school, college, or in graduate programs. To this end, we have an established website that performs like a targeted social media platform for students who want to take advantage of all of our resources. Those resources consist of a platform for discussions, a blog, and a host of other resources that students can access from out site.

But the most important resource that we provide is our reviews of online academic writing services – reviews that are based on common criteria for all companies and that give factual, objective information. When students can have this kind of information, they don’t have to take chances as they look to an online writing service to serve them well.

So, here is our PaperHelp review. We urge students to read it.

Pricing System

Visitors can get an estimated cost of a product or service via a short form on the PaperHelp home page. But this is just an estimate.

Prices are separated out according to categories of help – original academic writing, coursework/homework help, undergraduate and graduate admissions/scholarship essays, test-taking, and problem-solving. PaperHelp provides a separate chart for each type of help. Other elements impacting cost are the grade level of the customer and his delivery requirement time frame.

Two other factors affect the PaperHelp final price:

  • Discounts: does offer discounts. But they are not automatic. To get a coupon code for a discount, a customer must contact PaperHelp customer service or sign up for the company’s email notifications. There is a brief explanation of recurring discounts once certain amounts of money are spent, but, again, eligible customers must contact support to get them.
  • There are also extra benefits that customers can opt for at checkout. These include such things as preferred writers, a plagiarism report, VIP customer support, a final extra edit, an abstract, etc. Some of these are pretty costly. Details of the extras can be found on the “prices” link. PaperHelp is touting a new extra – a second version of an original piece of writing, with 70% off the second version.

PaperHelp pricing is comparable to other reputable writing services we have reviewed and rated to be legitimate.

Types of Services

These can be found on the pricing link, or the “services” link on the PaperHelp home page. We have summarized the services into these categories:

  • Academic writing from scratch: this category includes all of the typical assignments that students, high school through grad programs might face – essays, papers, reviews, analyses, case studies, grad level capstone projects, and more. Students can order virtually any type of original and custom writing product they might need.
  • Re-writing/Editing/Proofreading: this category speaks for itself. Students can submit their own written pieces and get PaperHelp editors to perform their “magic” and polish them for ultimate submission for a better grade
  • Homework Assignments: These can be challenging, especially in STEM areas. PaperHelp states that it has degreed experts in all topic fields to take on any type of homework assignment – from short essay answers to tough math/science/engineering/technology problem sets, modeling projects, and calculations.
  • Admissions and Personal Statement Essays: Students are familiar with these critical pieces of writing. Often, they are what set a candidate apart from his competition. They need to be creatively written and fully engaging. PaperHelp states that it has a full department of creative writers up to the task.
  • Multiple-Choice Questions: For students who ten to “freak” about test-taking, this can be a valuable resource. According to PaperHelp, there are topic-specific experts to relieve students of this burden.

There seems to be a complete range of products/services offered by Of course, we are interested in quality even more than quantity. To evaluate quality, we have done the following:

  • First, we looked at the website content. Unfortunately, there just isn’t a lot of crafted content for us to look at. Even the links to services do not provide much in the way of content that we can evaluate. It really consists of short blurbs about the company and what it promises.
  • We tried to look at samples. These are available by clicking on any of the items in the “services” link. But the samples must be ordered and paid for.
  • We gathered and solicited comments and feedback from our registered users who have used PaperHelp as an academic writing resource. A couple of users even sent over copies of their delivered orders so that we could assess them. Here, the reviews are somewhat mixed. Some reported that they were satisfied with their products; other stated not so much and that they had to request revisions more than once to get everything they wanted. Those who were highly satisfied were high school and early undergraduate customers.
  • Out on the web, we also sought customer reviews and comments. We found some on social media and a couple of consumer review sites. The feedback mirrored that of our users. Lower level schooling students seemed to be satisfied.

Overall, we can say this: has a full scope of services to offer. Relative to quality, we can say that students at lower levels of their schooling are satisfied, and those at higher levels have mixed levels of satisfaction.

Payment Methods

PaperHelp offers multiple payment methods, including all major international bank cards and Apple Pay. This is a good thing, because its customer base is international. If allows payments to be made in several different currencies, which customers can select during the checkout process. It does not offer PayPal as an option, which it probably should. It is secure and customers can run their payments through that platform even if they do not have a PayPal account.

We did not find evidence that PaperHelp uses a secure third-party processor for payments. When we asked customer support about this, the answer was that PaperHelp provides fully secure payment methods, and it does guarantee this on its website. Still, we would like evidence that the company is not processing its own payments. This is not a secure environment for customer surrender of financial information.


We did not find a lot of guarantees in the website content, so we looked at the “Terms and Conditions” policy. When we clicked on that link, we found several other policies with guarantees that we always want to see:

  • Privacy: the PaperHelp privacy policy is like most others that we see. It describes the type of information that is collected, and the personal information that a customer must submit when placing an order. It promises to protect this information and never share with any third party. We have no reason to believe that this is not the case.
  • Money-Back: This policy outlines the conditions that qualify customers for types of refunds. This should be read, if a student believes that their level of dis-satisfaction or some error on the part of PaperHelp should result in a refund.
  • Original Writing: While there is no policy promising plagiarism-free writing, this promise is made in several places on the PaperHelp website.
  • Revisions: Again, there is a PaperHelp policy that addresses this. Students have the right to ask for as many changes, free of charge, until they are happy. But, as is the case with most writing services, any revision requests that change the original order specifications and that involve more work for the writer will come with a charge.
  • Quality Control: There are several promises at various places on the website that speak to quality of products – original and customized writing; customers’ instructions followed to the smallest detail, the right research for the grade level and type of piece, and scholarly composition and style. PaperHelp states that all of these things, as well as plagiarism, are checked prior to clearance for delivery to the customer.
  • On-Time Delivery: This is critical. If a company cannot deliver an order on time, that order can become worthless to a student. He has an instructor’s due date to meet,and that is not flexible.

The guarantees are there. The key is the execution of those guarantees when they come into play. Some customers indeed state that some of these guarantees are implemented when called for.

Is Site Legit?

We can say that the PaperHelp website is legit, because it does represent a legitimate company. PaperHelp has been in business for a number of years, and it does operate a legitimate company. It markets academic writing and other services to students, takes their orders, and delivers a product or service back to them.

It is not a question of whether the website is legit- it is a question of the legitimacy of the company behind that website. PaperHelp meets our guidelines for legitimacy.


There are several that we can name:

  • Background information on writers is provided.
  • The array of products and services is complete
  • Pricing is transparent
  • Customer support is open 24/7
  • Multiple currencies are honored


We do find several issues:

  • The website is rather dis-organized and information is not well-organized
  • Samples are not available, except on a paid basis
  • Some of the graphics cover up the site content
  • Content is not as comprehensive as it should be – lots of repetition
  • Payment security is questionable

To Sum Up

Some customers are happy with what they receive from But these seem to be students in secondary schools and early college levels, as well as ESL students. What we recommend is this: students should carefully read through our PaperHelp review and decide if this company may be a good resource for their needs. We have a wealth of writing service reviews that can also be accessed, and we urge students to look through those as well.

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