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Use This RushMyEssay Review to Learn How to Benefit from Pro Writing Services

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In this RushMyEssay review, we decided to be honest with our readers. Therefore, the information that we are going to highlight in this review comes exclusively from We read the clients’ testimonials and carefully checked the samples. As we know that usually writing companies mention the best reviews and samples on the site, we also got in touch with past customers and found their opinion on RushMyEssay’s services. We will share both pros and cons to help our clients make a documented decision.

Fees and Discounts

RushMyEssay doesn’t have anything to hide from its clients. Therefore, any customer who wants to submit an order on can check from the beginning how much he/she would have to pay thanks to the price calculator. For students, this tool is gold. Their budgets are usually limited. Thus, knowing exactly how much the paper they need would cost them helps them a lot in creating their budgets.

As we wanted to be sure that the price calculator is accurate, we also did some tests. Therefore, we simulated how much we would pay for an essay that would be delivered in 10 days. The calculator showed us a quotation of $19.99 per page for basic quality. In case the student needs premium quality and wants to work with some of the best writers available on, he/she would pay a price of $21.99 for one page delivered in 10 days. The most expensive fee for this type of order goes to $23.99 per page.

RushMyEssay offers some free perks to its clients. So, the company manages to attract them by offering the outline, bibliography, formatting service, amendments, email delivery, and title page for free. These services actually cost $70, but RushMyEssay offers them with zero costs to attract new clients and keep the ones who already submitted orders as loyal as possible.

RushMyEssay didn’t forget about discounts. They offer discounts for loyal clients depending on the total number of pages ordered on So, for the total number of pages ordered between 15 to 50, the discount will be 5%. Also, the discount becomes 10% for those clients who have ordered between 51 to 100 pages. Finally, the maximum discount that a client can get is 15% after submitting a total number of pages of more than 100.

New customers will benefit from price reductions, as well. So, they will receive a discount code, which is equivalent to a price reduction of 22%. Finally, special discounts are offered depending on the season or holiday. For example, during Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s, or Black Friday, clients receive from 20 to 30% as a discount.

Services Delivered

While we expected to find a detailed page on dedicated to the services the company delivers, we couldn’t find anything like this on the site. Still, we could make an idea on the type of papers that the writers working for RushMyEssay can deliver from the price calculator. It contains a section that mentioned “type of paper.” It includes all the types of papers delivered by RushMyEssay.

For example, the writers can deliver essays on any possible topic, lab reports, term papers, dissertation or thesis, and many more. The detailed list of services is delivered by skilled writers who have a solid background on the topics they want to write about. RushMyEssay checks their experience carefully and makes sure to hire only those writers who bring solid proof on the type of writing they can deliver. Also, the majority of them have a Ph.D. degree or equivalent.

While it is clear that RushMyEssay targets students, we consider that the company could improve its list of services by adding writing services for businesses and young professionals. Therefore, they could add press releases, CV writing, or web content writing to the list.

Payment Methods

All payments done for the orders submitted on are secured by CreditCardSafe and Authorize.Net systems. Therefore, the clients can pay for their orders without having any questions about whether their accounts are put at risk. RushMyEssay accepts payments via VISA, Discover, Maestro, MasterCard, and Amex cards. Also, they can pay for the ordered writing services via WireTransfer. Even though all accepted payment methods are 100% safe, PayPal is not included on the list. Considering that RushMyEssay addresses its services to students, this method should be included as it is very safe and easy to use.


RushMyEssay has developed guidelines for refunds and revisions. Even though these policies were not separately included on, they are available in the terms and conditions section.

Revision Policy

For small orders, the clients can submit a revision request in 14 days from the moment they receive the paper from the writer. In case the client has ordered a large paper, such as a dissertation or thesis, then he/she can ask for a revision in 30 days from the delivery date. In case this deadline is missed, RushMyEssay can decide to accept the request but will also charge additional fees.

RushMyEssay has a Quality Assurance department in place which has the right to accept or reject any revision request depending on different factors. Apart from complying with the timeframe mentioned above, the client has also to pay attention to the instructions he/she sends to the writer. For example, they keep the same instructions as initially mentioned in the order form. If the client changes the instructions, the vendor will ask for extra charges as the writer has to put more effort to finalize the revision.

Refund Policy

RushMyEssay accepts to refund the customers’ money if the request comes via email sent to the Support Team or through the Order Messaging System. The Customer Support Team will analyze each request and decide whether the client is entitled to ask for his/her money back. Therefore, full refunds will be granted to those clients who sent the cancellation request before a writer was assigned to the order. Also, in case a client pays for an order twice by mistake or submits an order twice by mistake, the team working for RushMyEssay will check whether the client is right and return the money for the order which was paid the second time.

If the cancellation request comes after the vendor found a writer to take care of the paper, then a partial refund might be granted. In case an order is in “work in progress” or “on hold,” then the client can receive a maximum of 60% of what he/she paid. In case the client edited some details of his/her order and this lead to a decrease in the total amount, then he/she might receive a maximum of 50% of the paid amount back. In case the order is late, then RushMyEssay will recalculate the price based on the new deadline agreed with the writer. The difference will be refunded either by credit or directly in the account. Still, this difference cannot be more than 20%.

Is Legit?

We consider that is a legit site. It uses different systems that secure all payments done on This means that the site is safe, and it doesn’t expose the clients’ accounts in any way. Also, RushMyEssay has a privacy policy, which means that the company protects the customers’ data. Another argument that validates’s reliability is the fact that the site has a professional look and structure.


Our RushMyEssay review showed that the company has the following pros:

  • Secure payment instruments
  • Detailed terms and conditions
  • Price calculator
  • Discounts
  • 24/7 Customer Support Team


RushMyEssay needs to work on improving the following elements:

  • Include PayPal in the accepted payment methods


RushMyEssay targets students by offering a comprehensive list of services. It works with skilled writers who can deliver content on different subjects. Also, the prices are quite affordable, and they are lowered by attractive discounts. All payments are made using secure payment methods. Still, PayPal is not included in the list, even though it is preferred by many students nowadays. The refunds and revisions policies are included in the terms and conditions section, and they include information on how clients can receive their money back.

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