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Many students ask for help from writing companies for many reasons. Some of them might have too many assignments and essays to write while they also work part-time or full-time. Others simply do not want to risk taking a lower grade in a class they do not like too much. Thus, they prefer to pay a professional writer who can guarantee an A+.

Studybay is such a company that can help students deliver well-written papers in class. We went on and we found out that Edutec Limited is the owner of this company. They are registered in Malta. When we decided to write this Studybay review, we did thorough research on the company’s official page and also by reading different blogs and clients’ opinions on forums.

Studybay uses a bidding system which we do not like too much. The process is different from standard writing companies as you will not be assigned a writer after you place an order. You will have to wait until writers will start to send you their bids and choose the one that you consider has the greatest experience on the topic. This system has some downsides about which we are going to tell you more in this review.

The biggest disadvantage is that this type of ordering system is time-consuming. Clients wait until bidders send their offers and need to research each writer’s profile before they make a decision. Also, the risk of getting a less-experienced writer is very high. On the other hand, there are also chances that you will get a good writer. It depends on how lucky you are and how well you present your assignment. However, if you go over the bidding process, you will pay some of the lowest rates on the essay writing market.

Pricing System

Clients can find a price calculator directly on the webpage. The company mentions that they have the lowest prices on the market and they have all reasons to say it. If you need an essay written for the high school level and delivered in one day, their price is $6. You will not find this price anywhere on the market, no matter how hard you search.

The price is influenced by the difficulty level. Studybay writers can write not only for high school. They can deliver papers that are suitable for the undergraduate level, as well as master’s or doctorate. On the website, you will also find some examples of prices for different papers. For example, a term paper will cost you $5 per page and it will be delivered in a maximum of 6 hours. The same price will be paid for an essay or reflective practice.

The price is lower for the dissertation. Master’s graduates can pay only $4 per page for their dissertation. The average deadline in this case is around 3 weeks. Also, a research paper will cost you $6 for a page. Studybay writers can deliver it in 4 hours.

Also, every new client receives a special bonus from the company. The bonus value is $5. Considering the low prices that they have on the website, you can get a one-page essay paid with the bonus value.

Types of Services

Clients can find the types of services delivered by the company if they enter the “place an order” tab available on The company managed to develop its array of service pretty well so that they meet the requirements of clients from different niches. The vendor offers the following writing services:

  • Essays on different topics
  • Resume
  • Copywriting
  • Case study
  • Business plan
  • Dissertation
  • Editing
  • Literature review
  • Homework
  • Reflective writing
  • Research paper
  • Term paper
  • Q&A

The list is much longer, including different types of writing to satisfy the majority of clients. In case customers do not find the category you need, you can always contact customer support directly and tell them more about your paper. They will come with a personalized offer and help you find a writer who can deliver it. In this case, the price might be higher, but the result will be worth all the money.

Studybay writers can deliver papers on four academic levels:

  • High school
  • Undergraduate
  • Master
  • D.

We want also to emphasize the quality issue. As the vendor is using a bidding system, clients do not have a guarantee of constant quality. You cannot know who is the writer who will take your assignment. In the end, it is the client’s responsibility to choose the bidder whose profile seems to match the best to the necessary quality level. We also did a quick research online and we found that the majority of Studybay’s collaborators are coming from Kenya. As you can conclude, these writers are far from being English natives and master English writing skills to perfection. Thus, before placing your order and sending the payment, we advise you to check carefully the bidders’ profiles.

Payment Options

The payment process is straightforward. Clients need to open a profile on and deposit money on their virtual wallet. The transfers can be made using PayPal or Payoneer. You can also pay using a MasterCard or VISA card. We consider that these methods are safe and protect the clients’ identity and account. So, you should have no worries about this aspect.


We discovered that Studybay has several clear rules to protect the clients’ interests. They also have a privacy policy which means that they pay close attention to GDPR issues.

Refund rules

A client can receive a full refund in case the writer missed the deadline and did not upload any material at the due date. Customers will also receive all their money back if they find that the paper is not unique. Even though Studybay commits to delivering plagiarism-free work, there might be cases when the writer forgets about these rules. Your money will be sent back to your account if the writing has too many grammar and spelling errors or the writer did not take the topic into consideration.

Customers can receive 90% of the amount back if the paper keeps having errors even after several revisions or the writer does not want to revise the paper initially uploaded. Even though the essay might be written in low quality, clients should ask for a revision at least once. Thus, they give the writer the chance to correct the mistakes before asking for a refund. If the refund request is accepted, the money will be transferred instantly to the client’s Studybay account. Thus, the customer can use it for future orders or withdraw it.

Revision policy

A client can ask for an unlimited number of revisions if the work does not meet the quality standards. As we already mentioned, customers are encouraged to give writers a second chance and ask them to review the work. In case they continue sending poorly written essays, customers are entitled to ask for a refund.

Should You Trust the Site? has its own positives and negatives. Considering that they have privacy, refund, and revision detailed policies, we can say that this writing service provider can be trusted. While the bidding system is not something that everyone enjoys doing, Studybay puts efforts to secure a high level of satisfaction to its clients. Also, we like that they use secure payment methods. All accepted payment options are legit and do not put the client at risk.


We like Studybay for the following reasons:

  • Incredibly low prices
  • Anti-plagiarism software that keeps the papers unique


Studybay can do better in the following areas:

  • The selection process is time-consuming
  • The risk of working with less experienced writers is high

To Sum Up

It is clear that Studybay is not a favorite and convenient option for students. When you are in a hurry and need urgently a paper written in high quality, you cannot afford to spend time interviewing writers and checking their profiles to see whether they can deliver what you requested. Even though their prices are friendly, if you compare the price you pay with the time you need to spend in evaluating writers, you might find that it is not worth it. Instead of risking to meet a non-native writer, we recommend you to check other vendors who guarantee plagiarism-free and high-quality work. For example, you can place your next order on Pendrago or Eduvinci.

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