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As always, our goal is to do the deep research into writing companies that students don’t have the time to do. And when we complete our investigation, we prepare a summary of the factors that we use for all writing agencies we review. These are the following:

  • We read all of the content on all of the pages of the TopEssayWriting website, looking for two things – clear and simple information and the quality of English composition in that content.
  • We reviewed writers’ samples on the site, looking for scholarly research and writing quality
  • We looked at the array products and services that were offered
  • We looked for information on the background and qualifications of the employed writers
  • We compared TopEssayWriting pricing and benefits to those of other writing services that we have deemed professional and trustworthy
  • We read several blog posts, again looking for solid content and value to readers.
  • We reviewed all comments and feedback that were submitted to our site by users, and discussions that have been held.
  • We looked on some trustworthy consumer review websites and collected TopEssayWriting comments and reviews of actual customers.

From all of this digging, we can now present this TopEssayWriting review.

Pricing System

We like to see pricing that is transparent, up front, and based upon reasonable and logical variables. In this case, TopEssayWriting did not disappoint us. It clearly states up front that it bases pricing on three factors – the type of writing, the grade level of the customer, and the time frame for delivery. These are the same factor that are used by other good services we have reviewed. prices can be s low as $12.99 a page for a high school piece and as high as $47.99 a page for doctoral students who need a piece quickly. There are all sorts of in-between prices for various pieces too. Visitors can use a quick quote form on the home page to get a pretty accurate estimate of the price they are looking at.

Newcomers to TopEssayWriting will get a 15% discount, and there is a long-term discount plan for customers who return, based upon the numbers of orders.

There are also some TopEssayWriting free benefits that are worth some money – certain free pages, a plagiarism scan, formatting, and revisions. These are listed on the home page.

On the TopEssayWriting checkout page, there are options for additional documents and services that customers can order for a fee. These include such things as a more experienced writer, more customized customer support, a one-page summary, a complete plagiarism report, etc. there may be specific student circumstances in which these might be a good idea.

Types of Services

There is a section on the TopEssayWriting home page title “The Straight Done.” We urge visitors to click the “read more” button. It does speak to the most commonly ordered products the company offers, along with other important information about writers and such. However, if the visitor also looks through the options on the quick quote form, he will see a long list of options:

  • Basic essays commonly assigned in high school and undergrad English comp courses
  • Research essays that may be assigned in any number of courses
  • Term and research papers – all topics and in all content fields
  • Case Studies
  • Presentations
  • Lab Reports
  • Critical analyses
  • Book and movie reviews
  • Admissions essays and other applicant materials
  • STEM projects and problems
  • Response essays
  • Homework assignments and test-taking
  • Re-writing
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Thesis and dissertation research and writing – all sections or chapters
  • Literature reviews
  • More

Obviously, can satisfy any need a student at any grade level might need. And, as important as this is, more important is the quality of the pieces they deliver to their customers. This is what separates the “good actors” from the “bad actors” in this business.

Again, TopEssayWriting did not disappoint. Here is what we found:

  • The website content is superbly written
  • There are footer pages that detail many of the offered products. Again, these are well-written in perfect English
  • We read some of the samples on the TopEssayWriting site. We encourage visitors to the same. If you just want one to read, there is a research paper on the Great Depression. You will get a great feel for the scholarly manner in which these pieces have been written
  • Users of our site sing the praises of TopEssayWriting. They have shared their experiences about writing quality as well as great communication with their writers and with the customer support department.
  • When we checked a couple of the big consumer review sites, we got the same story

We rate at the top in terms of services and quality.

Payment Options

TopEssayWriting does have customers all over the English-speaking world and does offer payments in several different currencies. To accommodate all of these customers, it allows payment by all major international bank cards – Visa, Mastercard, Discover, etc. – as well as through PayPal and even wire transfer.

It’s hard not to worry a little when using a new online retailer and surrendering financial information to them. This is not a problem with TopEssayWriting. They use a secure third-party to process payments – one that lots of established online retailers use. The company does not collect or hold onto your bank card information.


Unless a writing service has guarantees that it actually honors, it is not a “good actor.” We always want to see these guarantees and then check with customers to see if they are in fact honored. In the case of TopEssayWriting, there are clear promises made and kept. Here is a short summary of those:

  • No plagiarism: TopEssayWriting states that all writing is scanned for plagiarism after it is completed and before it is delivered. To date, we can find no customer that has complained about plagiarism. And the company states that if ever a customer should discover any, it will be remedied immediately and there will be discounts on future orders
  • Timely Delivery: Every customer is asked to set a due date for his order. TopEssayWriting states it will meet or exceed that deadline. Customers state they receive their products on time
  • Confidentiality: Customer must supply certain personal information- name, email address and a working phone number. This information is encrypted and stored securely. The customer is assigned and ID number and is known throughout the system by that number. TopEssayWriting further guarantees that it will never reveal personal information to anyone else.
  • Revisions: These are free and continue until the customer is satisfied. The only time there is a TopEssayWriting charge for a revision is if that revision request changes the original order.
  • Qualified Writer: TopEssayWriting has a large pool of degreed and experienced writers. The company assigns writers to order based upon their “fitness” to complete them.
  • Refunds: there are times when TopEssayWriting does provide refunds. These are outlined in the Terms of Use policy. Students should review these conditions.

Again, gets high marks from us.

Is Site Legit?

We have specific factors in determining the legitimacy of an online writing service. It must take and fulfil orders and deliver them to its customers; it must have at least two methods of contact that we can verify; it must have policies with guarantees; and it must have a customer support department that is responsive. TopEssayWriting exceeds these minimum standards by a lot. So, is it legit? We can definitely say so.


We like so many things about TopEssayWriting. Here are a few of our top pros:

  • Focus on long-term relationships with its customers
  • High-quality writing
  • Policies and guarantees that mean what they say


We are hard-pressed to find cons. What we would suggest are the following:

  • Re-visit some of the fee-based options. Some are a bit pricey
  • Footer pages should not be broken up with large CTA’s to place orders.

To Sum Up

We really like what we see at This is a company that has put together a great business model that puts its customer first. It is interested in establishing long-term relationships with its clientele by providing top quality and exceptional customer service. Bravo. TopEssayWriting gets high marks, and we do recommend it.

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