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Answers to All Students` Questions in One TrustEssays Review

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TrustEssays has been in the writing service business for several years now. We have not conducted a TrustEssays review before now because, frankly, we have a huge list of companies to review, and we take them in order. TrustEssays came to the top of our list.

As we conduct an investigation of any writing service, we use specific criteria that we have developed over time, and that have shown to be valid in determining the quality of these companies. has been subjected to these same criteria:

  • All of the information contained on the company website and the level of writing quality of that site content. We have found that companies with well-written content tend to produce well-written products for their customers.
  • The range of products and services offered. Some writing services specialize in a small slice of academic writing; most offer a much wider range. Such is the case with TrustEssays.
  • Information on the backgrounds of employed writers and the hiring process, if given.
  • The quality of writing in samples and blog posts, if available.
  • Prices in comparison with those of other reputable writing companies.
  • Discounts, benefits, and extras.
  • Most important to us – actual customer reviews and feedback about their experiences with the company. In the case of TrustEssays, we were able to find quite a few.

All of these things are included in this overview.

Pricing System

One of the things we like about TrustEssays is that a visitor can get an immediate estimated quote for a piece of writing or other services he needs. This is important for budget-conscious students who need to know up front whether they can afford what a company is charging.

TrustEssays costs begin at $12.99/page. These are pieces at the high school level with a two-week window for delivery. Like most reputable services, prices vary based upon three factors – the type of writing or other services, the academic level of the customer, and the deadline requirements. At the highest level, a Ph.D. student will pay $47.99/page with a very urgent deadline.

Regarding discounts, TrustEssays offers pretty standard ones. All newcomers will get 15% off of their first orders. There are other discounts of 5 – 15% for returning customers who keep ordering. There are also special offers and sales at various times throughout the year, according to customer support.

Most services include free benefits. In the case of, these include a plagiarism scan, customer-specified formatting, and certain free pages – table of contents, title, bibliography, and revisions.

There are other optional TrustEssays benefits that are fee-based. During the ordering process, students can opt for a more experienced writer, a full plagiarism report, a one-page summary, a higher level of customer support, and copies of research resources that were used. Again, these are often offered by other reliable companies.

Types of Services

Mostly, we focus on the types of services for students. In the case of TrustEssays, there are other types of writing offered too. These are generally listed on a drop-down menu, “services,” on the home page. Much more detail is provided during the ordering process, as customers provide their specifics. We have divided services into two categories:

Services for Students

  • Term and research papers
  • Essays of the basic 5-paragraph type or longer, more complex research-based pieces
  • Book reviews
  • Presentations
  • Homework help, including for online courses
  • Test-taking – timed and untimed
  • STEM projects/problems
  • Annotated bibliographies
  • Critiques and Analyses
  • Admissions and personal statement essays
  • Any section or chapter of theses and dissertations
  • Re-writing
  • Editing and Proofreading

Professional and Business Services

  • Resumes and CV’s
  • Cover letters
  • Other applicant materials/testing
  • Website content
  • Blog and social media maintenance and posts
  • Marketing materials – printed and online
  • Email campaign scheduling, message creation, etc.
  • Business plans and projects

According to customer support, will take on any unique or complex writing tasks that are not listed. Customers should contact the department and discuss their needs.

The listing is pretty exhaustive, and that is a good thing. But a mere listing does not make a great writing service. The key to that lies in the quality produced by the company’s writers. For this part of our evaluation, we looked at several things:

  • The quality of writing in samples and blog posts. There are a lot of samples of several types, covering lots of topic fields and at all academic levels. We reviewed a high school research paper on recycling, research essay on teams in business environments, and research paper on m In all cases, research and writing were top-notch. Blog posts were well-written too. Most deal with aspects of student life and better writing. We were impressed with all that TrustEssays provided here.
  • Comments that users of our site have posted based on their experiences with TrustEssays. These have come in over a period of a few years. In all instances, these customers praise not just high-quality research and writing, but also great service, meeting deadlines, and, when needed, and guarantees, such as revisions, honored.
  • Review comments that we found from customers out on the web were also sought and read. Their stories are the same. TrustEssays is a top-quality company that delivers on its promises.

It is clear that Trust Essays delivers in both quantity and quality.


Many of the TrustEssays guarantees are housed within their policies – Terms of Use, Cookies, Privacy, and Money Back. Other guarantees are listed on the website too. Here are the guarantees that the company provides:

  • Student Instructions Followed: This is checked after each piece of writing is finished by the company editing department. If any specifications are missing, the writer is charged with fixing that.
  • Originality: Likewise, all pieces are scanned for plagiarism before delivery. To date, we haven’t seen or heard of one complaint about TrustEssays delivering any plagiarized content. The company also guarantees that any delivered piece of writing will never be seen by anyone else.
  • Confidentiality: This is really important, especially for students. TrustEssays guarantees that it will never reveal names or other personal information about its customers. Even the assigned writer does not have this information.
  • Revisions: Should a customer not be completely satisfied with his delivered piece, he only has to ask for the changes he wants. Customers who have requested revisions state they are completed quickly.
  • Money Back: Partial or full refunds are provided under certain circumstances. Customers should review these instances.

Is Site Legit?

We can say absolutely, without reservation, that this is a legitimate writing company. In fact, it exceeds our normal standards for what we consider professional. It offers a full range of products and services; it follows all specific requirements of its customers; it delivers on time; and those delivered pieces reflect consistent high quality.


So many of these. For customers looking for great writing and other services, these will be most important:

  • Customers get great quality
  • Company stands by its guarantees
  • Customer support is helpful and responsive
  • Pricing is budget-friendly


While there are not specific “cons,” we do have a couple of suggestions:

  • The blog needs updating. There are no recent posts, even though student life has changed drastically in the last 6 months
  • Some of the “extras” are quite pricey

To Sum Up

We are thoroughly impressed with It is a writing service that goes well beyond the standards we have set for reputable and professional companies. It has a website that is clear and well-designed; it offers a comprehensive repertoire of products and services; it delivers top-quality research and writing; customers are happy with the customer support they receive; and it follows through on its guarantees. Students and business professionals both will find exactly what they need at TrustEssays.

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