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TrustMyPaper Review: What They Can Offer?

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TrustMyPaper has been around for years. You might say it’s one of the original online writing services. That’s why we receive so many emails and comments asking us for our input. We’re presenting this review to you so that you can get the answers you need to the following questions:

  • Will I be able to easily place an order and make payment securely at TrustMyPaper?
  • Do they hire qualified writers?
  • What happens if I’m not satisfied?
  • Will I spend too much money?
  • Can I get help with my paper, even if I’m a graduate student?

Yes, we know you have many more questions about TrustMyPaper. We think we’ve found the answer to those, as well.

Keep in mind as you read this review that we have explored the website, researched the company online, read student reviews, and analyzed a completed essay from TrustMyPaper writers. The following paragraphs contain our insights.

Pricing System

TrustMyPaper is a service based writing system. This means that they publish their prices ahead of time so that customers know exactly what they will be required to pay when placing their orders. The majority of services here are priced per page. One page is defined as 275 words double-spaced.

Prices for different products and services can vary greatly. Customers will notice that the cost of their orders may vary depending on the academic grade level, number of pages, deadline, and specific type of assignment. As a general rule, the more complex an assignment is, the shorter the deadline, or the more advanced the academic grade level, the price increases.

There are some exceptions to the price per page standard here. For example, assistance with problem-solving or multiple choice exams is charged according to the problem or assignment. Likewise, resume services are charged per document and may be subject to bundled pricing.

In some cases, customers may choose to include additional products and services. These include originality reports, summaries, and dedicated customer service. These will result in additional charges. However, these are also published on the website.

Finally, the pricing structure here also includes multiple discount programs. Students may receive savings for being first time customers, placing bulk orders, or taking advantage of seasonal discounts. We strongly recommend exploring various discount options or asking customer support for any coupon codes. Our experience is that most customers qualify for at least some sort of savings or special offers.

Types of Services

We categorize TrustMyPaper as a multi-purpose writing service. This means they offer a full spectrum of products and services to customers in a variety of industries. This review focuses mostly on academic writing. However, we will still go into detail on their other writing services as well.

Copywriting Services

This is one of the service categories that is not related to academics. Here, TrustMyPaper offers a variety of writing assistance to marketing teams and small business owners. These offerings include web content, articles, blog posts, website reviews, and product descriptions.

Resume Services

Resume services include resume and CV writing and design, cover letter services, LinkedIn biographies, etc. These are directed towards professional job seekers who are interested in obtaining help with employment related documents.

Academic Writing

This is the flagship service at To evaluate this online provider, we obtained and reviewed a completed academic essay. We were quite satisfied with the quality of the document and did not find any significant issues. In addition to essays, academic writing also includes the following and more:

  • Research papers
  • Lab reports
  • Articles
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Critiques
  • Movie reviews
  • Research proposals
  • Reaction papers

Problem Solving

Complex research projects and assignments often have students solving difficult equations, creating models, or providing proof. While this is not writing, students can order problem-solving services for help with these tasks.


Admissions services encompass all writing and editing that is related to the college admissions process. This includes open format essays, common application essays, scholarship essays, and personal statements.

Multiple Choice Exams

This is another example of the coursework services that are offered by TrustMyPaper.

Editing Proofreading and Rewriting

These services are offered to students who need assistance in ensuring that their work meets top quality standards. In the case of rewriting services, students often use this to have works they have previously written recreated for new courses.

Payment Options

Most students place a high priority on having multiple, secured payment choices. Fortunately, TrustMyPaper does an excellent job at this. They accept credit or debit cards from every major company. In addition to this, customers who don’t wish to share account information may pay via PayPal. Finally, wire transfer payments are also accepted.

Payments are due at the time of order. The company does partner with a firm that offers secured payment processing. They use SSL encryption technologies. It is our belief that placing payment here is as secure as making payment on other eCommerce company websites.


TrustMyPaper offers several guarantees in the areas of quality, timeliness, customer service, and originality. In order to determine if they actually stand by those guarantees, we took the following actions:

  • Carefully read policy documents and other website content.
  • Read customer reviews for insights on student’s lived experiences.
  • Analyzed our own insights from engagement with TrustMyPaper.

We found and read a money back guarantee and privacy policy. These two documents officially detail the guarantees this provider makes and the recourse customers have if these promises are not kept.

The privacy policy provides detailed information on the collection, use, and sharing of customer data. The document does a great job of describing how information is used and why. It also informs customers of their rights and responsibilities. We believe the disclosures made here are fair and reasonable.

The money back guarantee policy gives clear information on instances where customers may be able to receive a refund or credit. It covers order cancellations, on time delivery, originality, and quality. We urge potential customers to read this document for more details. However, it basically ensures that all orders will be completed on time, written as instructed, and original.

We read online consumer reviews posted on several reputable sites. We believe these reviews to be valid. While there were some unhappy customers, we found relatively few complaints. Those who did have problems were mostly able to get those issues resolved fairly.

In our experience, the company kept its promises. They delivered our essay on time. The paper was correct, well-researched, and did not contain significant spelling or grammatical errors.

Is TrustMyPaper Legit?

As we conducted the required research for this TrustMyPaper review, we wanted to answer this question thoroughly. Fortunately, we are able to state that this service is absolutely legitimate, and students can feel safe doing business with them.

We have verified that this academic provider is a legitimate business. They operate within the bounds of professional ethics and industry standards. They also deliver products and services as promised.

Further, they consistently meet or exceed quality standards. We found this to be true, as we reviewed the received written work. These findings were supported by the reviews we read as well.


We’ve already detailed many of the positive aspects we found when reviewing TrustMyPaper. However, to help skimmers, we have compiled this list of positive attributes:

  • Quality writing.
  • Excellent customer service response.
  • Customer centered guarantees and policies.
  • Qualified writers and specialists.
  • 24 hour availability.
  • Secured payment options.
  • Excellent reputation.
  • Stable well-established company.


We could not find any significant issues with TrustMyPaper. Because of this, we don’t intend for any of these negatives to be seen as deal breakers. Instead, they are simply small suggestions for overall improvement.

  • com has a blog that is a bit outdated. New posts would be excellent.
  • Students would likely appreciate additional digital payment choices.
  • Financing might be attractive to students who place large orders.

To Sum Up

It is our pleasure to endorse TrustMyPaper without hesitation. This firm has met or exceeded our expectations every step of the way. We found the site easy to navigate and that their published policies were fair and clear. Most importantly, the essay we received was very well-done. In fact, it was ‘turn in ready’. That’s not very common, even among very reputable writing providers.

If you are a student who is seeking academic writing assistance, you will not regret giving TrustMyPaper a chance. In addition to reading this review, we also recommend that you check out the service website yourself. Then, read other reviews we have posted in order to compare features and criticisms.

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