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X-Essays Review: Detailed Look into the Writing Company

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Unfortunately, many of them were and still are inferior, if not outright scams. And it’s tough for students, who lead very busy lives, to take the time or even know how to research a writing service to see if it is legitimate and trustworthy. And that’s where we come in. We have made it our mission to do important research on as many online writing agencies as possible. We can then pass on the results of our research to student users of our site by rating each company according to set criteria and then making our recommendations.

This X-Essays review is in keeping with our mission. We urge visitors and users of our site to read through it and decide if it might be the right source for their needs.

Pricing System

We have been in this business long enough to know when pricing is appropriate, and when companies are fully transparent in their pricing structures.

As a U.S. company, default pricing is in US Dollars, but these can be converted into U.K., Canadian, and Australian dollars or Euros during the checkout process.

Possible customers can get an estimated cost on the X-Essays short form at the beginning of the home page. This is not a final cost, but a pretty close idea. What we learned is that charges are within a suitable range for writing services that we have found to be good companies.

X-Essays pricing is separated out based upon the type of service a customer is requesting. These types are shown in a drop-down menu on the early order form. And within these types, pricing is also separated by some other factors – how soon the product is needed and the academic level of the student customer.

Other things that impact pricing are:

  • Additional services or extras that a student adds to his order will come with costs. These are such things as a premium writer, a one-page summary, a full plagiarism report, or individualized customer service.
  • X-Essays gives discounts to new and returning customers. A first order will come with a 20% discount, and additional orders will earn discounts from 5 – 15%.

Types of Services certainly provides a large array of services – something we do like to see. The reason is that, if a company is professional, a student can use that same company for all of his academic help needs.

There are two places to find X-Essays services – on that short estimate form or via the “services” link. A short explanation follows:

  • Essays: While essays are one of the most common types of assignments, this category of X-Essays takes in far more than that – papers (term and research), research projects, book reviews, presentations, case studies, annotated bibliographies, analyses, and more.
  • Math/Science Coursework: STEM subjects can be tough and challenging. X-Essays offers experts to assist with calculations, problem sets, modeling, etc.
  • Homework and Coursework: Any other types of assignments with which students are having trouble.
  • Dissertations: These projects can take months to complete, and almost no student gets through them without some type of outside assistance. X-Essays provides a pool of Ph.D. writers and researchers in all curricular areas.
  • CV Writing: Resumes, CV’s, and cover letters can be ordered from scratch or be edited/proofread by experts from HR fields.

We are more than satisfied that offers the range of services we like to see if a writing company is to serve students well.

But we also want to see that, within this range of services, there is good quality. And so, we evaluated the following:

  • We always read every word of website content, looking for the quality of English composition. It has been our experience that when such content is written well, customers will get good quality too. X-Essays website content is perfectly composed.
  • X-Essays has provided samples of essays and papers on its site. We reviewed three of them and were frankly impressed – appropriate resources for the academic level and excellent structure and composition.
  • There are also users of our site who have actually ordered and received products from X-Essays. We have read nothing but compliments on their posts and in their conversations with other users. In fact, they recommend X-Essays to others.
  • Out on the web, there are also some customer reviews and comments – on social media and on a few consumer review websites. Again, nothing but compliments and praise.

We give X-Essays top ratings in this category of review.

Payment Methods

The default payment is in U.S dollars, but currencies can be converted on the order form – to Euros or to British pounds, Canadian, or Australian dollars. Customers can make payment via any major credit card.

X-Essays does not process its customer’s payments. This is what we want to see because writing companies do not have the security technology that payment processing platforms have.


We look for two things in this category – guarantees that are contained on the website and in the company’s written policies and actual follow-through in honoring those guarantees. We were pleased that customers all spoke to at least some of these guarantees and that they were put into practice by X-Essays. We have summarized those guarantees for our readers:

  • Plagiarism-Free Products: X-Essays has never delivered a writing piece that contains plagiarism, at least according to the customers whose reviews we have read. This guarantee is backed up by a plagiarism scan on each piece before it is approved for customer delivery.
  • Confidentiality: Students want their use of a writing company to be private. X-Essays encrypts personal information that is submitted with customers’ orders and never shares it with anyone. There is a privacy policy that covers this.
  • Qualified Writers: X-Essays guarantees that any writer assigned to an order has the full qualifications to complete that order – the right degrees and research/writing experience.
  • Free Revisions: If a customer receives a final piece that he is not satisfied with, he has the right to specify the changes he wants made. X-Essays guarantees that these will be promptly completed at no charge. The only exception is if a customer asks for changes that change the original order. If the writer has to do additional work, there will be a fee involved.
  • Communication: X-Essays guarantees that its customer service department is open 24/7/365. We called on several occasions at all different times and found this to be true. More important communication, though, is between the customer and his writer. This is done through each customer’s personal account, and it allows the writer to ask for clarifications and the student to check on progress.

These are precisely the guarantees that we want to see.

Is Site Legit? exceeds our minimum standards for legitimacy. But it also goes far beyond. There are plenty of legitimate companies out there that still produce poor products and do not provide the customer service that X-Essays does. What prompts us to give a high rating to X-Essays is its business mission to always place the customer’s interests and satisfaction first. It states that it wants customers for the long haul, not just as one-time users.


  • Top notch quality
  • Great customer reviews
  • Communication and transparency
  • Commitment to customer happiness


  • More variety in samples needed
  • Blog is too narrow in focus – X-Essays should choose topics that appeal to a wider audience

To Sum Up

We are enthusiastic about While we already had some information on customer satisfaction, we needed to see for ourselves. In all areas that we use for assessment, X-Essays has earned a top rating. We can recommend this writing company without any reservations. If a student wants a “permanent home” for all of his writing needs, this may just be the right fit.

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