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Privacy Policy

We believe that being transparent in the way we conduct our business is important. This is why we are providing this Privacy Policy so that you are aware of how we use the data we collect from you and how you can navigate the website.

What is the Information We Collect?

We collect two types of information from you. General information and personal information. Both of these are things we use to improve the overall experience of any user on our website. Here’s how we define them:

General Information

This is gathered from visitors and registered users of the website. These include what browser you are using, your IP address, what pages on the website you visited, and how long you stay on the website.

We collect them using “cookies”. These are not the delectable treats we know and love. They are active site tools (with your permission) as long as you’re on our website and immediately shut off when you leave us. They store some information so that when you come back to the website, some features will readily be available for you.

When you disable or clear the cookies using your browser, you may experience some lag or slow load speed when using our website.

So, in short, we use the data we gather to learn how you interact with our website and use them to improve your experience by updating and modifying it according to the collective preference of our audience.

Personal Information

These are data gathered when you set up your account. These are not the type of personal information that has to do with your personal life. We’re not that creepy.

We gather this information so that you can use the features of the website as well as interact with other users. Please note that we also use this information so that we can communicate with you using the email newsletter.

How We Use the Information We Gathered

When you register at our website, you will be able to connect with other users and can interact with all the available user features.

We may also use your information, such as name and email address to send you the latest updates regarding our website, products, or services.

Third Parties

We may share your information with third parties. That is not to sell you to them but to your benefit. These may be in the form of customized ads and promotions based on your interests and recent search queries.

Take note that we do not provide the information not shown in your public profile

We will also not share any contact information without your consent.

Leaving Our Website

Even if there are links on our website that lead to other websites, when you choose to stay on their website, you are no longer under our privacy policy. You will be under their privacy policy. We are not responsible for any risk or consequence you may encounter on their website.

Your Content

Content is anything that you post that intends to communicate. These can be in the form of videos, photos, audio, text, or a combination of these.

When posting content, you are solely responsible for the things you post. While you can set your privacy options to limit the access of some users to your post or profile, they may still be able to find ways to reach your content.

We are not responsible for the actions of other users as well. So, when you remove your content, we cannot guarantee that it will not resurface on other parts of the website or the Internet.

It is your responsibility to read and understand the Terms and Conditions of our website before posting content. So you abide by the terms we have set for you to post. You will refrain from posting prohibited content and things that violate the terms and conditions agreement.

Please report anyone you find to be violating the terms and agreement to us.

Site Security

We make sure that our website is secure and that we protect the information of our users. We use the latest technology available to make sure that your account is always secure.

Binding Terms

By using our website, you automatically agree with all the terms in this Privacy Policy as well as the other provisions on our other terms and conditions agreement.

If we modify or change any of these, we will inform you via email, website announcement, and other forms of communication.

Those changes will be in effect as soon as the announcement is published or on the date, we deem they will be in effect. All users are subject to these automatically.